Episode 3: Bruce Rosenstein: Living with a future-focused mindset

Bruce Rosenstein, Managing Editor of  Leader to Leader and author of two books, Create Your Future the Peter Drucker Way and Living in More than One World.

This episode will be a bit less gadget-focused than usual, and more purpose-focused, as I ask Bruce about how to plan ahead for the future and live mindfully in a high-information world.

  • In the first part of the show, I talk with Bruce about living with a future-focused mindset, plus a tool he calls the Total Life List.
  • We also talk about social media and what Bruce calls the “remove and improve” approach to changing your life.
  • In the second part of the show, we get more into how to plan, and how to balance action and contemplation.
  • And In the third part of the show, we cover the quality and quantity of our information diets, and the role of mindfulness in a time of stressful news and rapid change.